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How to Join Us

We are going to explain how to join members of Plan 9 Cafe at this page.

We also have FAQs page so please check it out. It is going to help you understand Plan 9 Cafe system clearer.

Step1: fill out on-line application form and send it to us

Please go to our on-line application form and Just fill out the form and send it to us. We always look for various types of teachers so please feel free to send it. We are looking forward to meeting you. After we receive your application form and arrenge the interview as soon as possible. we will let you know when and where we have the interview.

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Step2: We have the interview, demo lesson and registration.

We have the interview and teachers give us 10 minutes demo lesson. It must be helpful to know teaching skills and personality. So please don't hate this process. After that, we will let teachers join members of Plan 9 Cafe. Teachers can register them of members from our website at a page of Teacher Room. We'll let teachers know password for entering Teacher Room so teachers will be able to go into Teacher Room.

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Step3: Teachers give students trial lessons who choose you as their English Teacher. And check the students English level.

Students visit our website and search English teacher by using search system and when they find their favorite teachers they apply to have trial lessons with the teachers. And then we try to arrange trial lessons time and place between them.We meet at the date and teahcers give students 15-20 minutes trial lessons while you check their English level. At first trial lesson for the students, we are going to accompany with them for explaining our matching system . Then the students decide if they take your lessons.

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Step4:English lessons start between Teachers and students.

English lessons start between you and the students. Teachers can get paid directly from the students on the spot. Teachers also give them homework and keep lesson record at the end of each lesson. Then teacher and the students have a talk about an appointment for next lesson.

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